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monster and shares the 1 moment when he realized what he'd done. as andrea mccarren explains malvo talks about his crimes, his victims and their families in chilling detail. >> what am i going to tell them? i'm sorry i murdered your own child. i'm sorry i killed your husband. i'm sorry i murdered your wife. >> reporter: lee malvo, now 27, said he felt like the worst piece of scum on the planet when he saw the anguished expression on the face of the husband of one of his victims. as linda franklin lay in a pool of blood outside the home depot in falls church malvo said her husband' eyes reflected the worst sort of pain he'd ever seen in his life. >> i am sorry. i am sorry. >> reporter: just a short time ago montgomery county police chief charles moose held a news conference. for so many of us involved in the news coverage every day it was a frightening time. >> they do have two suspects and they have an all points bulletin out for a white isuzu
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or mitsubishi. at any moment it felt like another random victim might be shot. today malvo says he was a monster. >> if you look up the definition, that's what a monster is. i was a ghoul. i was a thief. i stole people's lives. what do i tell the child who was waiting for his father to come home and dad never showed up? >> malvo also described in frank terms how he and mitt romney carried out their deadly -- muhammad carried out their deadly crime spree. >> my focus is on weaknesses, passengers, and whenever there was an opening i told him to shoot and it was just one rapid after another after another. >> muhammad became a father figure to malvo and offered consistency even though as malvo pointed out in his interview that consistency was madnes andrea mccarren, 9 news now. >> one of the most intriguing low pressure elements of --
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elements of malvo is his statements. he said don't continue to let my actions make you a victim the rest of your life. it isn't worth it. on this one year anniversary of the occupy movement demonstrators took to the streets again today. a few dozen made their way through downtown d.c. disrupting traffic along the way. it is a sharp contrast from a year ago when freedom plaza and k streets were filled with tents and people, but the objective they say remains the same, fighting corporate greed and corruption. >> people need to realize their voice matters and for the most part we live in a silent society that doesn't use it. that's what keeps money in politics. that's why we have a bipartisan system that's bought by the same corporations. >> today's protests are part of a week of resistance. demonstrators are going to be out every day this week to reinforce the occupy message. the first of three debates between president obama and
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mitt romney just two days way now and if is happening in the key battleground -- it is happening in the key battleground state of colorado. they have specifics they hope to hear wednesday night. danielle nottingham has the latest from denver. >> reporter: mitt romney will hold his last public event before wednesday's debate here at this hangar in denver and his supporters here say there is little room this week for mistakes. inside this denver airplane hangar gop volunteers work the phones as crews set the stage for mitt romney's last rally before his first presidential debate. >> i think a lot of people are waiting until the debate wednesday. i think that's going to be a big sway for some people just to finally see them kind of go head to head. >> reporter: wednesday's debate at university of denver will focus on domestic policy. romney supporters want the gop nominee to show undecided voters how he'll jump start the
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slow recovery. >> i think he has solutions to our economic problems and that's really what's going to help everyone in this country. >> reporter: colorado is a battleground state that went for president obama in 2008. republicans here say they've already made four times the phone calls at this time four years ago. a new washington post poll gives the president a comfortable 11 point lead when it comes to wing states like colorado. >> i feel like -- swing states like colorado. >> i feel like he actually has a plan where romney i haven't really seen specifics. >> reporter: the poll shows 56% of voters thinks the president will win the first debate. sunday in las vegas he tried to dial back those expectations. >> governor romney, he's a good debater. i'm just okay. >> reporter: the president is staying in nevada to study up for wednesday. romney will be hunkering down here in denver. recent polls show mitt romney is trailing in most must win states. his team is hoping a good
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performance on wednesday will help shift the momentum. in denver danielle nottingham. anita, back to you. for months now you've been getting the political spin from both sides in in election. now it's time -- in this election. now it's time for just the facts and we are your go to station for wednesday night's debate. 9news is teaming up with our sister publication usa today and all night long beginning at 9 p.m. we will be fact checking what the candidates are saying. we'll also live stream the debate on our website. so turn your tv to 9 to watch the debate. it starts at 9:00 and log onto for live fact checking at the same time. then 9news at 11:00 for the most comprehensive and accurate debate coverage. supreme court justices back on the bench today for another crucial term. a fight over the university of texas' affirmative action program is the first watershed case the court will hear. the outcome could limit or end the practice of using race as a factor in college admissions. the high court is expected to
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issue rulings on gay marriage, also, and voting rights. a suicide bomber kills at least 14 people including nato soldiers in afghanistan. this bomber wore an afghan police uniform and drove a motorcycle packed with explosives ramming into a group of soldiers. the taliban has claimed responsibility. your washington nationals taking on the phillies right now at nats park, the magic number to clinch the nl east is one. so a nats win or braves loss is all we need. today's game one of a three game series with phillies, the last regular season games of this year. after tonight's game just about everyone will hop into their cars or jump onto metro leaving the area around nats park a ghosttown. where is all the housing, businesses and restaurants that were supposed to come along with the new stadium? local lawyer mark towie led the team that helped bring baseball back to washington and the
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construction of nationals park. >> the recession, the economy has been in a situation the last few years where financing, construction financing, has not been as available, but i'm told by a number of developers it's coming very quickly now in the next few years and by the way, with it the all-star game. >> the all-star game could be in washington he says by 2015. back to the game, if the nats clinch tonight, it would be the team's first ever national league east title. matt jablow has the story of one montgomery county man who has been waiting an awfully long time for this day to arrive. >> we always ended up in last place. >> reporter: of all the long suffering fans of professional baseball teams in the washington area few have suffered as long or as deeply as charlie brotman. >> it's difficult to sell a loser. >> reporter: whose takoma park home is a well appointed shrine to the national past time. >> they were the nationals then. it is my life.
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i love it. >> reporter: as many long time washingtonians can tell you, charlie was the public address announcer at griffiths stadium from 1956 to 1971 during which time the senators lost, a lot more than they won which is why the nationals' winning wave has been a real thrill for charlie. >> it's bringing the city closer together. it's really exciting! >> reporter: though he's not officially associated with the nationals, charlie likes to consider himself the team's unofficial ambassador. >> i always wanted to be an ambassador. >> reporter: he's friendly with the team's owners and goes to about 20 games a year. in fact, he's planning on being at the game tonight against the phillies when the nats hope to clinch the division. >> everybody loves to associate, be associated with a winner. >> reporter: what's more, charlie has been asked to be the honorary public address announcer for the team's first playoff game. >> let's play ball. >> reporter: when asked if he ever thought a washington squad would be the best team in baseball, charlie answered with
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his typical honesty and enthusiasm. >> impossible, absolutely unquivocally no. >> reporter: in takoma park, matt jablow, 9 news now. >> glad they're proving him wrong. during his long and varied career charlie has been the announcer for the last 14 presidential inaugural parades. a crisp autumn day for most of with us clouds and showers rolling. in a live look outside right now at the washington monument. topper shutt joins us from the weather desk. how is it out there? >> it's not bad, a couple light showers. the deck is not even totally wet. lighter activity tonight, heavier activity tomorrow. generally speaking, light showers through the northwest part of town, montgomery county, another batch down toward charlottesville. they'll work their way up 95 in the next few hours, just light activity now, all green, no yellows or oranges. there will be periods of showers and sprinkles from time to time. there's a shower toward bowie and reston headed towards
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silver spring. for tonight mostly cloudy, cool, showers developing, lows 54 to 64, winds out of the southeast at 10. we'll come back and talk about the potential for heavier activity for tomorrow, what that means for both your morning and evening commutes. still ahead why the maker of that controversial anti- islam movie may be looking over his shoulder tonight. >> right after the break where you may want to look if you're trying to land a part-time job this holiday season. we'll be right back. too many americans are struggling to find work
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in today's economy. too many of those who are working are living paycheck to paycheck trying to make falling incomes meet rising prices for food and gas. more americans are living in poverty than when president obama took office and fifteen million more are on food stamps. president obama and i both care about poor and middle-class families. the difference is my policies will make things better for them. we shouldn't measure compassion by how many people are on welfare.
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we should measure compassion by how many people are able to get off welfare and get a good paying job. my plan will create twelve million new jobs over the next four years helping lift families out of poverty and strengthening the middle-class. i'm mitt romney and i approve this message because we can't afford another four years like the last four years. ♪ the boy scouts of america preparing tonight to alert authorities about suspected sex offenders from their so-called per version files. the scouts say they use these records to keep known sex offenders out of the organization, but they didn't necessarily call the police. the bsa will go through its files and report any oftenners detectives may not know about -- offenders detectives may not
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know. about. macy's going on a hiring frenzy this holiday season. the retailer plans to bring on 80,000 seasonal workers. toys r us and kohl's also recently nouned plans to bring on more local -- announced plans to bring on more holiday help than in recent years. people are breathing easier in alexandria and it's all thanks to one woman who became alarmed by what she saw on her window sill. i'm peggy fox, the story coming up. too many americans are struggling to find work
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in today's economy. too many of those who are working are living paycheck to paycheck trying to make falling incomes meet rising prices for food and gas. more americans are living in poverty than when president obama took office and fifteen million more are on food stamps. president obama and i both care about poor and middle-class families. the difference is my policies will make things better for them. we shouldn't measure compassion by how many people are on welfare.
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we should measure compassion by how many people are able to get off welfare and get a good paying job. my plan will create twelve million new jobs over the next four years helping lift families out of poverty and strengthening the middle-class. i'm mitt romney and i approve this message because we can't afford another four years like the last four years. ♪
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that film mocking the prophet muhammad is stirring up even more controversy tonight. in pakistan thousands marched to protest the movie the innocence of muslims. a former pakistani lawmaker is offering a $200,000 reward for killing the movie's director and a court in russia banned it altogether saying the film promotes religious intolerance. my frame and the doors are getting the same way. >> that was the complaint back in 2005 from residents living near alexandria's coal-fired power plant. today after decades of fighting for this that plant on the banks of the potomac river officially closed. peggy fox sat down with the woman who made it all possible. >> this is very black as you
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can see and you can see my hands are black from it. >> reporter: 11 years ago elizabeth chimento noticed a strange residue outside. she lives outside the genon power plant and was the first to raise questions about its emissions. the current owners say publicly they're shuttering the plant because it's too expensive to keep running, but this group of elected officials and residents celebrating the power plant's demise point to elizabeth -- >> you have to keep tabs on everything. >> reporter: and paul hertel. they're curiosity grew into activism. they educated themselves about coal-fired plants and emissions and then commissioned three studies. one of the most important studies the two commissioned was from a local scientists who disproved what the company was saying about something called downwash. instead of pollutant particles going up into the atmosphere the scientists found they were actually coming down into the neighborhood. >> it proved that more than 1,200 hours a year this plant
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was emitting sulfur dioxide beyond the national standards. >> reporter: the downwash was due in part to the short stacks required because the plant is in the flight path of national airport. a penn state study matched the company's coal to that gray residue and a harvard study connected residents' health problems to pollutants spewed out by the plant. >> we can all take a deep breath. >> reporter: but until the last 15,000 tons of coal is gone elizabeth chimento will be keeping track. peggy fox, 9 news now. >> clean-up at the plant will take up to 18 months. most of genon's 120 workers have retired or been transferred no, word what comes next for that valuable waterfront property. food trucks and addicts in the district will have to pay more for those delicious dishes on the go. starting today vendors have to pay a 10% tax on the food they sell, so most owners will
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likely raise their taxes to offset the tax which brings their trucks in line with restaurants. family guy creator seth mcfarland will host the oscars. he says he's honored and hopes the academy doesn't find out he was master of ceremonies for the roast of charlie sheen. the 2012 acme awards will air -- academy awards will air on february 24th. >> saw that roast with charlie sheen, very funny, a little raunchy but pretty funny. >> 72 was the high, light showers in the metro area, that's kind of the bad news. the good news is we have light showers, nothing heavy for the metro area. october 1st is what, anita? >> it's the start of breast cancer awareness, also domestic violence. there's a lot of awareness months right now. >> let me show you the live shot outside, our live weather cam brought to you by michael and son. >> beautiful, the white house in pink.
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>> 66 right now, light showers, dew point 53. the temps going down, dew point coming up to meet it, winds out of the west, northwest now at 5 miles an hour. satellite picture radar combined, this is going to be the main focus of the heavy activity in the ohio valley. the area of low pressure itself is located in northern alabama. that's going to move essentially north, northeast just to the east of cincinnati. the bulk of the heavy activity stays on the west side of the appalachians and then on into the ohio valley. that said we do have some renegade sprinkles and showers here and there moving through the metro area, nothing heavy, not going to see a delay in the game or anything. we are going to see temps in the 60s during the game no doubt. heavier activity down towards stanton and richmond, but even that is a few hours away and not that heavy. radar and lightning, notice no lightning in the east thankfully, light activity pushing through much of fauquier county and prince william county and back along the i-81 corridor through winchester, but everything is
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light and light activity in the immediate metro area to the north up into college park and out toward silver spring along east west highway and that's about it, nothing heavy tonight. so unsettled a while, light showers tonight, looks like a wet morning commute tomorrow, warmer on wednesday, thunderstorms possible both tuesday and wednesday, probably a better chance on wednesday, though. look at our futurecast. by 6:45, 7:00 in the morning pretty good area of showers, even a few thunderstorms possible south of 66. warm front will push through and make it a wet commute for most of the metro area. if you're coming down 270 between about 7:00, 8:00 in the morning, you might want to leave early. by 9:30 it essentially lifts out north of the border, some leftover light showers, nothing particularly heavy until evening, maybe some more thunderstorms pushing through from the southwest from manassas back toward fredericksburg. tonight mostly cloudy and cool, some light showers, nothing heavy during the game, lows 54 to 64. next three days we'll keep them
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code green for now, 78 tomorrow, some showers and storms, 84 wednesday with storms, 84 on thursday under partly cloudy skies, great day thursday, great day friday. next seven days sunshine, low 80s, maybe a shower before the terps game has ended, mid-70s. it's family weekend at university of maryland. skins in town, some showers, pretty good bet cooler temperatures in the mid-60s both sunday and monday. anita will be back in just a minute.
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here's a look at what's on tap for tomorrow. there's a job fair at the campus of first baptist church activity center on king street and alexandria. we're talking about 500 jobs. it runs from 10 a.m. to 2:00. new police chief channel goldberg will be sworn in tomorrow night at the takoma
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park community center auditorium. and virginia governor bob mcdonnell will host the third annual governors conference on energy in richmond. mcdonnell says he's looking forward to talking about using energy development to help create jobs and grow the economy. that's our report. i'll be back here at 11:00 with derek and topper and don't forget you can find us any time at i'm anita brikman. have a great night.
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"entertainment tonight" the worldwide leader in entertainment news. >> arnold's backlash. is it rep addition damaged beyond repair? >> is that the only affair? >> no, i'm not perfect. >> how maria handled the crisis. >> i just try to get up every day, and some days are harder than others. >> plus "et" with the man who thought he was the father of arnold's love child. >> i love him, he's my son. >> anne hathaway's surprise wedding. details on her gown, the groom, the tent, and the kids playing volleyball. >> i think the likelihood of me being married before i have kids is slim. >> it's justin bieber week on "et." >> he kicks off his new world tour.

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